Croissant cake recipe

Croissant cake recipe


Croissant cake

Croissant cake recipe

The ingredients are croissant _ _ _


- 500g of flour

- 15g dry yeast

- 90g sugar

- 15g salt

- 300ml warm milk

- 340g butter

– 1 egg has been mixed with water

- Leavening.

How to make Croissant

Croissant cake recipe

Step 1:  Prepare the butter


– Spread glossy paper on the table

– Put the butter in it, continue to wrap the butter with another glossy paper

– Flatten and roll the butter until the area is about 20x25cm

Wrap the butter in wax paper and place it in the fridge for a few minutes.


Step 2:  Knead the dough


– Mix flour, sugar, salt, milk and yeast together. You can use a whisk to make the dough even smoother. Beat until a smooth dough is obtained.

– Cover a layer of dry flour on a bowl and pour the flour into it and then wrap it with a clean towel for about 1.5-2 hours, so remember the longer the dough, the better the cake.


Step 3:  Roll the dough


- Roll the dough until it is smooth and thin

Remove the butter and place it in the center of the flour mixture.

– Roll the dough in with butter and then roll it flat, wrap this mixture in glossy paper and place in the refrigerator,

– After 25-30 minutes, take out the dough mixture and roll it out, then… put it back in the fridge to incubate for 30 minutes,

– Repeat this step one last time.

This step is a bit long but don't be discouraged because this is a very important step!


Step 4:  Divide the dough


- Divide the dough into 2 parts.

– Apply a layer of dry powder on the rolling surface and continue rolling the dough

- Roll your hands until the dough is about 0.5 cm thick

Carefully cut the thin layer of dough into a long rectangle then divide the rectangles into triangles according to the size you want.

– Roll the triangle pieces of dough, bend the dough to shape a cow horn


Step 5:  Bake the cake


- Preheat oven to 300 degrees Celsius.

– Put the cake on the tray, use a brush to brush the beaten egg mixture on the surface of the cake

– Bake the cake for 15-18 minutes until the cake rises and has a nice golden brown color

Croissant cake is very suitable to use with butter, cheese, … there. Or you can also make variations with different fillings for the cake!

Croissant cake recipe

Good luck with  this Croisant recipe  !